Getting Started

Getting started at Erie Shore CrossFit

1) Schedule a meeting and tour of a class and our Gym.
2) Attend a Saturday Community Class for free, when available on the schedule.
3) Book Your On-Ramp classes and attend 8 introductory sessions with a Coach.
4) After you have completed the On-Ramp program not only are ready to join us for any of our regularly-scheduled Group CrossFit classes, you are MORE than prepared to CrossFit safely and efficiently at ANY CrossFit Affiliate.

*On-Ramp is our 8 class program for new crossfitters, where we teach you the basics of everything you need to get started. Each of these classes are an hour in length, usually 1 on 1, flexible around YOUR schedule. In these classes we teach you all the knowledge and basic skills to get prepared RIGHT. You will learn the movements we utilize along with our scalable options and transitions to accelerate with these movements. Squat,Presses, jerks, deadlifts, cleans, core, midline, odd objects, rope climb and snatch. Variations of benchmarks such as "Fran"and "Grace", metcons such as Fight Gone Bad, strength Emom, and AMRAPs. You Really learn how to CrossFit here with us.

If You are a Veteran CrossFitter and want to drop-in or have moved to a new location, please feel free to sign up for a membership option or a single class drop-in. Give us a SHOT and we 100% guarantee you will be satisfied.


Located in Avon Lake, Ohio 3.5 miles south of Lake Erie. We opened in 2014 with 1 coach and less than 2000 square feet. Today we have 8 coaches, 5000 square feet and 3 new Olympic Lifting Platforms.


Over 10,000 pounds Rogue Fitness Olympic Bumper Plates

1,000 pounds cast iron Olympic plates

3x 445 pound Competition plate sets/Rogue/Wright Equipment

Dumbell set 3# to 100#, with 6 sets of 50s and 6 sets of 35s

Atlas Stones 50# to 425# and loading platform

Tires 110,125,235,280,320,440,550,640,650,850

64x Olympic Barbells, Rogue Fitness/Wright/Eleiko M and F

5x Axle Bars, Bamboo bars, Farmer carry bars, Swiss/Football bars

Kettlebells up to 2 Pood or 71 pounds/ and 88 pounds

Med Balls from 10 to 30 pounds

6x climbing ropes 15ft

14 sets of Gymnastic Rings

6x Sleds and pulling ropes 30ft in length for each

2 sets of Jerk Blocks for Oly specific training

Foam rollers, all sizes of resistance bands

Rogue Sr1 jump ropes

2) 24 ft long Muscle Driver wall mount rigs

1) 30 ft Rogue Infinity freestanding rig

3x Rogue Y3 Yokes, 1x Wright Yoke

All variations of Rogue Grip Training accesories

8x benches, flat and adjustable

4x GHDs

1) Rogue Reverse Hyper

9x Assault Bikes

14x Concept2 Rowing Ergs

3x Concept2 SkiErgs

32x Abmats

2x Rogue Safety Squat Bars

17x Plyo Boxes

26x Slam Balls from 10 pounds to 50 pounds

1) prowler sled

3x Rogue strongman sandbags 100,150,200

16x Goruck Sandbags 40 pounds to 80 pounds

8 sets of Rogue Fitness Paralets

1) rogue RML power rack with all accessories

1) 40 foot Rogue Infinty free standing outdoor rig with 12ft uprights, speal,dirtysouth,monkey bars

2x PegBoards

3x Rogue Squat stands and 3 Olympic Platforms

3 sets of Rogue Comp Kilo Plates

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